Amazon Emails Are Amusing

Amazon recommends my own book to me based on my Amazon browsing history.  I already own my own book, even through Amazon itself – I “bought” myself a copy when I had set a free promotion so that it was officially in my Kindle library.  Seeing my own book being advertised to me in Amazon emails is odd but amusing.  On one hand they bother to record what I’m viewing when browsing the Amazon store to formulate a recommendation list, yet on the other don’t take a moment to not recommend items I already have (and items I’m the author of).  It’s a little baffling.

The cynic in me wonders if they aren’t doing it on purpose just to show “Hey, see, we recommend your book in emails to people!”.  No matter what it’s always strange seeing my own book cover staring back at me, wherever I see it –  a few sites that list Amazon books have made entries on their websites for my book.

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