Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror Series

Black Mirror is amazing.  I came across this series mentioned in a reddit thread the other night, then saw the fan-made unofficial trailer and was instantly sold on watching at least the first episode.  Episode 1, of course, sold me on episode 2 which was even better than the first.  Again, amazing!

If that trailer won’t convince you then I’m not sure if anything could.

It’s shows like this that scratch an itch deep in the mind, as well as sparks some new ideas to perhaps explore in the future.  A stark reflection on the undertones of societies we live in… just as a black mirror reflects darkness shadowed by outlines that resemble us.

Where I live this is precisely the type of show that would be run late at night a year or two after it’s original airing so that only insomniacs would ever have the opportunity to experience its surreal brilliance.

You’ll find the episodes floating around online, and also available in a box set for series 1 and 2.

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